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Football Hooliganism In Maxbetsbobet’s Point Of View

Football is one of the very sports in the world. We probably have already watched football matches on television or in the stadium itself. In Indonesia itself, football always in people’s hearts, and it can be indicated by how Indonesian people support their national team in many events. However, Indonesian people itself have a bad habit when it comes to football, and it was called football hooliganism.

Hooliganism itself doesn’t come from Indonesia, but it is from Europe, a continent where football can be everything. Every year, we always saw the news about Indonesian football supporters in some provinces vandalize their supported team’s stadium or the opponent team’s stadium. Hooliganism became like a subscribed problem in every league season of Indonesian football events. So, in this article, we will talk about hooliganism in football.

What is hooliganism?

Football hooliganism generally refers to bad habits, behaviors, and attitudes of overreacted football supporters. As examples, it is leading supporters to do vandalism, intimidations, and more. These caused by hot rivalries between two teams and their supporters, then leading into conflicts before or after the match. The hooligans (supporters that involved in vandalism and more) often do their actions away from the stadium to avoid getting arrested by officials such as the police department. 

Hooliganism in football can start just by a small yelling and fighting. After that, it turns into something big, such as a riot. Two different sides of supporters will attack each other with dangerous items on their hands, such as knives, glass bottles, rocks, and even firearms. Because of this act, some supporters who don’t want to get involved are in panic, then they get away but with injuries. The most extreme case would involve many people to death, and the casualties can be from the supporters, players, officials, and police.

There is also a hooliganism act that happens right a few seconds after the match ended. This act always happens in the Indonesia football league, just the same as the news we always hear on the internet and television. We often see the picture of hooligans vandalize the stadium, attack the stadium officials and players. Usually, the police department will come immediately, bringing anti-riot forces, and they are well-equip. To stop a riot, the anti-riot force equipment themselves with tear gas grenades, armored vehicles, and water cannons. 

The history of hooliganism

The first example of violent act in football itself is still a mystery. However, this phenomenon act record exists since the middle ages, which is in the 14th century. As the exact year, it is 1314 AD in England. In that year, King Edward the Second forbids his people to play football. It is because the game leads into a riot, violence, and vandalism between two different villages right after the game ended. https://www.maxbetsbobet.org/

The first hooliganism case recorded around the 1880s in England too. In those years, a gang of supporters will come and intimidate nearby neighborhoods, then they assault the referee and players. In 1885, after Preston North End won against the Aston Villa with 5-0 scores in a friendly match, both teams got stoned by rocks, attacked by sticks, beaten, kicked, and spit on by the supporters. A Preston North End player got beaten quite severely by the mass and lost his consciousness. The press reports refer to them as “howling roughs.” In the next year, Preston North End supporters involved in hooliganism against supporters of Queens Park in a train station. This case became the first example of hooliganism outside the match. In 1905, some of the Preston North End supporters had trial in the court because of acts of hooliganism after a match against Blackburn Rovers, including a drunken 70 years old woman.

The England’s worst case of hooliganism

If we talk about the worst and most awful hooliganism case of England, it will be about the Heysel Tragedy case in Heysel Stadium, Brussels, Belgium. This case happened on May 28, 1985.  On that day, there is a match between Liverpool and Juventus in the final of the European Cup (now it is called as UEFA Champions League). This case also became England’s football darkest history in that year. It is because most England football clubs are in the golden time, then turn into something awful because of one club. This case made all England football clubs can’t play in any international football events for five years long, and Liverpool itself got banned for 10 years. It is because the problem itself came from Liverpool’s supporters. However, the ban was cut from 10 years into 6 years. 

This tragedy started by both teams supporters mock and humiliate each other. And then, after an hour before the kick-off, a hooligan group of Liverpool supporters broke through the entry barrier of Juventus area. At first, the Juventus supporters try to get away, but a riot happened. For the result, the parapet in that area collapsed, 39 supporters died, and 600 injured. Even though there are many casualties, the committee decided to keep the game start.

After the incident, the England police department did further investigation. From a 17 minutes film and many photos, also an hour full video of Heysel Tragedy and other publications, only 27 supporters were arrested and charged for violence and murder. However, only 14 of those arrested supporters were sentenced to prison.


As a summary, football hooliganism is led by the football supporters and cause mass violence and vandalism, such as a riot. These acts can happen inside or outside the stadium. The history of the first hooliganism in football is still a mystery. However, the football violence act was traced since the 14th century. It was the time when King Edward the Second, banned football because the game caused a riot between two villages. Nowadays, hooliganism acts still exist both in Europe and Indonesia. Unlike England, Indonesian hooligan supporters barely can be anticipated. Because of that, there are many numbers of damage and loss over facilities. In extreme cases, life casualties also happen.

The Top 5 Most Expensive Players of Winter Transfer in Football

It is common to list the most expensive players of the transfer window winter 2020 done by various teams in world football just after the winter transfer window is closed. Winter transfer window is also known as mid-season transfer window. This is the time when various football cubs will assess their urgent needs within the squad. Obviously within the many transfers done by various clubs all around the globe there will always be the most expensive transfers or players to note. It will always fun to see whether expensive players could perform as they should be according to their value or not. So, who is the considerably most expensive players on the winter transfer window of 2020?

On top of the list of the most expensive players of the recently closed winter transfer is Bruno Fernandes. The move from Sporting to Manchester United of the attacking midfield player cost Manchester United a staggering EUR 60.00m. Last year performance of Fernandes is amidst the deciding factor that the Red Devil finally secured the transfer. The purchase of Fernandes is within the hope that he can fill the gap in the lineup of Manchester United today due to the lack of creativity in the midfield section.

Next on the list is the move of Dejan Kulusevski from Atalanta to Juventus. The transfer fee paid by Juventus to get the service of Kulusevski is EUR 35.00m. The player is yet to play for Juventus though. The remaining of the 2019/2020 he will play for Parma. Obviously, the load is intended to give Kulusevski more playing hours. He is so happy to join one of the biggest football clubs in the world at his only 19 years of age. Hopefully he will develop to be a great midfielder for Juventus in the near future.

Meanwhile on the third spot of the most expensive players of the transfer window winter 2020 is Reinier. The move of Reinier was considerably led by Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo Goes. Real Madrid has once again been successful in signing a gifted Brazilian football player. He is just turned 18 and given the contract with Real Madrid until 2026 is a great gift for sure. The transfer fee is EUR 30.00m in which Reinier is set to complete the midfield of Real Madrid alongside Vinicius and Rodrygo. That will help Madrid not to rely on Benzema and Modric in term of their midfield section. As for today after completing the transfer of Reinier there has been the total of EUR 125.00m in total spent by Madrid to bring Vinicius, Rodrygo, and Reinier to Santiago Bernabeu. Obviously, that is a great plan for the future of Madrid right there. https://www.judibolaterbaik.co/

Next on the list is the transfer of Steven Bergwijn from PSV Eindhoven to Tottenham Hotspur. The official deal as posted by the officials of Tottenham is that Bergwijn will fill the empty slot left by Eriksen for 5,5 years. The deal is said to be at EUR 30.00m to bring the 22 years old creative player to the Premier League under Spurs. He has been in a decent form recently with 14 goals of his 34 matches in the Eredivisie. Moreover, he has set 29 assists as well within the league from the 2017/2018 season playing with Eindhoven. That is definitely the type of player needed by Tottenham in order to possibly catch two or more spots within the Premier League table following its 6th spot at the moment.

Rounding up the top 5 most expensive transfers of the recently closed transfer window is the move of Krzysztof Piatek from AC Milan to Hertha Berlin. It was around EUR 27.00 that Hertha has to pay AC Milan to bring Piatek to Bundesliga. In total he has scored 28 goals out of his 39 appearances in Serie A with both AC Milan and Genoa. He has the reputation to be a deadly finisher although recently that has been quite problematic. With the arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimovic the transfer of Piatek is inevitable since Zlatan is given a huge hope to bring Milan to score more. The 24 years olf Piatek will definitely continue to develop his scoring skills in helping Hertha Berlin to move up the table upon the considerably expensive cost of transfer window winter 2020.